Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Singapore Flyer

soundtrack: Singapore's National Day Parade 2009 theme song, "What do you see"

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Singapore Night Festival 2009

Museum had never fascinated me in my entire life. The typical and traditional museum always exhibits the historical objects, buildings, documents and figures with long explanation/descriptions yet, this would not interest everybody to read it - not even exceptional to myself.
However, my perception had changed totally when I visited the museums in Singapore. Besides the layout of the museums were newly renovated, the concept was also uplifted to meet the new generation's interests through interaction with audio visual equipment.
Recently, the three museums (National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and Peranakan Museum) were collaborated for the event of The Night Festival on 10 and 11 July 2009 from 7pm to 2am. The public were given free admission to visit these museums as well as to catch the live music and dance performance.

This is the modern architecture designed of National Museum of Singapore. Doesn't it resemble the White House at Washington?

As usual, people would come for freebies. The local and foreigners took the opportunity to visit the museums during the night festival.

The Cyrstal City was designed and stacked up with crystal bottles, jars, cups, bowls and decanters by Donna Ong

Chandelier lights were swinging by themselves on the ceiling

This was the earlier days of moviereel and the briefcase.

In the early days, the Chinese puppet house theatre was used for storytelling.

Is this painting or photograph? Take a wild guess.....
(The answer: photograph)

The boldness of the interior design and colours inspired me for the concept of my new home. So far, this is the only museum which displayed historical of furniture/architectual.

We walked under the rain to Peranakan Museum (also known as "Baba Nyonya" Museum). It was about 5 minutes walk from the National Museum. We could see the uniqueness of the culture, clothing and jewellery displayed in this musem. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed taken in this museum.

The rain stopped by 11pm. Everybody was gathered at the outdoor of the Museum to watch live bands and performance. The Loop of Fortune was the first performance by German group Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM. They performed the acrobatics while the fireworks was sparkling on the wheels.

As promised, I will share some pictures from Singapore Flyer in my next review. Do check my blog often for more surpises :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The moment with my digital SLR camera

A friend told me that a beginner should practice photographing at nature and buildings with the technical functions before moving to humans. It is never being easy to take pictures of humans' natural expression and their movement if someone is not experienceable and judgeless at the right angles and moments.
Hence, I decided to practice my skills with my digital SLR camera at Singapore Botanic Gardens. At first, I presume it would be small park but it was not true. The leaflet stated that Singapore Botanic Gardens has the history of 150 years with the size of 63-hectare (155.7-acre). WOW!!!!! that is really incredible for the Government putting their best interest in maintaining the attraction of the Tropical Eden for more than a century.

This is the entrance. Don't you agree that it looks very grand like walking to the king's palace?

These dogs breed are allowed strolling in the park. Where do my Shih Tzu and Schnauzer belong to?

The lake with Japanese Carp fish.

Feeling calm and windy although it was extremely hot.

Flowers were seen everywhere....

This is Swan Lake. There were 2 pairs of swan swimming in this lake. How adorable!!

"Where is my food?" quack quack.....

Here came the third swan swam swiftly for the food.....

Feng Shui in the middle of the park? Was it to attract more visitors?

The Bandstand (based on the concept of Victorian Heritage) becomes the signature for photography spot at Botanic Gardens. I used to dream of having my perfect wedding ceremony similar to "My Best Friend's Wedding" movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one in my hometown..... :(

There are more places to explore at Botanic Gardens such as Ginger Garden, National Orchid Garden, Botany Centre and the Rainforest. Even though I spent 3 hours there, I was not able to visit all the gardens. It is very huge park. You may need to spend at least half of the day at the park in order to enjoy the calm atmosphere from your hectic lifestyle :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Panton Chair

I spotted this catchy leaflet at National Museum of Singapore.

How to undress in front of your husband

Wah!! "How To Undress In Front of Your Husband" (eyes rolling) .... Did I read the headline wrongly? How did it relate to Museum exhibition? Was the Museum authority trying to provide sex education to the public?

Recently, National Museum of Singapore was exhibiting the Vitra Design Museum from Germany. One of the interior collection which caught my attention was the Panton Chair.
Blue Panton Chair

It is the common chair which we can find at the modern furniture shop or IKEA. However, there is something which we never know. This unique chair was designed since 1958.
According to the leaflet, Danish designer and architect Verner Panton (1926-1998) was one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century. His love for bold colours and his preference for spatial harmony and comfort are revealed in playful works such as the Panton Chair and the Phantasy Landscape.

However, the concept of "How to undress in front of your husband" was developed and photographed by Brian Duffy in 1970. The female model was Amanda Lear.
Step by step how to undress in front of your husbandSorry for the slanting angle... Visitors are not allowed to stand at the exhibit area. This is the best angle that I can take.
GENIUS!!! It is so flexible, not only for normal use but also for personal pleasure ;) ...
Have you ever thought of trying in front of your partner? :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something to think about - Human Trafficking

I accompanied William to American Embassy for our appointment with the officer on visa application today. We were given a pamplet to read and understand our basic rights in USA. As I was flipping through, I came across the section on Human Trafficking. Most of us aware that Malaysia has been blacklisted for Human Trafficking recently. Typically, we thought that human trafficking involved with prostitution and abused treatment by the employers such as pouring hot water.

However, it is more than that. I suspect, Malaysia is blacklisted due to many shocking cases of abusing treatment towards Indonesian maids and foreign workers. We never realise that majority of Malaysians have violated the basic rights of foreign workers/maids. For eg denying their day off, holding their passports while working in Malaysia and abusing their working hours more than 12 hours/day. Do you agree? Here is the detailed explanation of Human Trafficking as follow:

Source: Extracted from the pamplet of American Embassy of Singapore

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to Chennai

I should have written this travelogue few weeks ago but I was busy with other stuff and totally forgotten about this. My boy boy, William travelled to Chennai, India for work purpose in the mid June 2009. Usually, we hear our friends travel to China, Singapore, Europe, USA and other parts of world for work but not to India.

Mmmm.... I guess, this is a great chance for me to share some pictures in Chennai as we do not plan in our wishing list.

This is how the city of Chennai looks like. The traffic is always busy in the morning as well in the evening. It is not easy to drive in Chennai. The drivers are very "skillful," impatient and hooting at others. It is very stressed driving in this situation.

The city of Chennai


Rubbish is everywhere except the compound of their houses

Poor homes with basic necessities such as bedding and washroom only.

These are the ancient temples with beautifully sculptured - something that I really amaze about

Sunday, July 5, 2009

WCG 2009 Asian Championship

Held at Suntec Convention Centre for 3 days, starting 3 July 2009.

I could see a long queue since early in the morning.

Contestants from Asian countries including Malaysia were participating in cyber games competition - searching for the top player of the region.

Also, to hype up this exhibition, visitors were able to snap some favourite anime cosplay characters in person.....

Its SHOWTIME!!! They were posing in front of cameras (click! click!) ......

Shana Cosplay Contest to judge the best contestant who impersonate the movement and action

Feeling tensed? The Singapore Wind Symphony Youth Winds (SWS Youth Wings) were getting ready to present some famous pieces including Princes Mononoke Medley and Final Fantasy Xtravaganza