Monday, July 20, 2009

The moment with my digital SLR camera

A friend told me that a beginner should practice photographing at nature and buildings with the technical functions before moving to humans. It is never being easy to take pictures of humans' natural expression and their movement if someone is not experienceable and judgeless at the right angles and moments.
Hence, I decided to practice my skills with my digital SLR camera at Singapore Botanic Gardens. At first, I presume it would be small park but it was not true. The leaflet stated that Singapore Botanic Gardens has the history of 150 years with the size of 63-hectare (155.7-acre). WOW!!!!! that is really incredible for the Government putting their best interest in maintaining the attraction of the Tropical Eden for more than a century.

This is the entrance. Don't you agree that it looks very grand like walking to the king's palace?

These dogs breed are allowed strolling in the park. Where do my Shih Tzu and Schnauzer belong to?

The lake with Japanese Carp fish.

Feeling calm and windy although it was extremely hot.

Flowers were seen everywhere....

This is Swan Lake. There were 2 pairs of swan swimming in this lake. How adorable!!

"Where is my food?" quack quack.....

Here came the third swan swam swiftly for the food.....

Feng Shui in the middle of the park? Was it to attract more visitors?

The Bandstand (based on the concept of Victorian Heritage) becomes the signature for photography spot at Botanic Gardens. I used to dream of having my perfect wedding ceremony similar to "My Best Friend's Wedding" movie. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one in my hometown..... :(

There are more places to explore at Botanic Gardens such as Ginger Garden, National Orchid Garden, Botany Centre and the Rainforest. Even though I spent 3 hours there, I was not able to visit all the gardens. It is very huge park. You may need to spend at least half of the day at the park in order to enjoy the calm atmosphere from your hectic lifestyle :D

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