Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome to Chennai

I should have written this travelogue few weeks ago but I was busy with other stuff and totally forgotten about this. My boy boy, William travelled to Chennai, India for work purpose in the mid June 2009. Usually, we hear our friends travel to China, Singapore, Europe, USA and other parts of world for work but not to India.

Mmmm.... I guess, this is a great chance for me to share some pictures in Chennai as we do not plan in our wishing list.

This is how the city of Chennai looks like. The traffic is always busy in the morning as well in the evening. It is not easy to drive in Chennai. The drivers are very "skillful," impatient and hooting at others. It is very stressed driving in this situation.

The city of Chennai


Rubbish is everywhere except the compound of their houses

Poor homes with basic necessities such as bedding and washroom only.

These are the ancient temples with beautifully sculptured - something that I really amaze about

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