Friday, August 21, 2009

Pictures of San Francisco

A close friend told me, San Francisco was a nice place to visit and could find many Asians staying there compared to other states in America. She convinced me that I would able to adapt and love San Francisco very much. When William and I visited America's Embassy, the Immigration Officer told us the same thing too. How truth is it? The only thing I know about San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge and the rows of Victorian houses (the clips I had seen from The Full House series which were acted by Mary-Kate Olsen and Alsey Olsen). Yes, the twin sisters acted as the little girl named "Michelle."

Golden Gate Bridge
However, the opportunity to know more about San Francisco landed when William had to be there for two weeks on his business trips.

William stayed at Stanford Park Hotel in the City of Palo Alto (about 40 minutes drive from the City of San Francisco). He spent US$159 per night but breakfast was not provided.

Palo Alto City Sign

Look at how American design in this hotel room
hotel room
hotel room
hotel room

A small garden located near the hotel mall
Stanford Shopping Mall GardenStanford Shopping Mall GardenIt is so relaxing that I can have my tea here....

At the Downtown of San Francisco...
Downtown San Francisco
Downtown San Francisco

Transamerica Pyramid Look at the sophisticated design (behind the row of shops). It is known as Transamerica Pyramid.
San Francisco Old St Mary's Center Old St Mary's Center

San Francisco Ferry Building's Ferry Building's crowning 245-foot tall clock tower

San Francisco Center SquareDowntown San FranciscoDowntown San FranciscoViolin Player in San Francisco Downtown As usual, you can find street performers everywhere in the States.

Famous transportation in the city
San Francisco Tram

San Francisco Tram Yes, tram becomes popular attraction among tourists. It travels up and down the steep road

San Francisco BartThis is the track of Bart Train

San Francisco Bart
Yes, the Bart Train resembles Singapore's MRT

Known as 'Cross Street' because of the zig zag driving

San Francisco Cross Street
San Francisco Cross StreetDrivers are able to control their vehicles better than speeding down the hilly road. This is to reduce the accidents....

A huge Chinatown in the city of San Francisco......

San Francisco China Town
San Francisco China Town
San Francisco China Town TVB series are very popular among the Asians

These are some pictures taken during his business trip. I will explore and share more pictures of San Francisco when we move there by November 2009. Before coming to the end, here is a video showing how the tram changes its track/route at confining street in the city? (I'm sorry.. unable to adjust the setting of video's position... you have to double click the video so that you can view it clearly on youtube)

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