Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stop Animal Cruelty - Say NO to fur use

Have you ever thought you could harm, torture or abuse the animal indirectly for something you fancy about such as fur clothing? I never realised how inhumanity were these animals being skinned alive until I read the leaflet from The Humane Society of the United States.

It states that "Over 40 million animals are killed for fur each year. Many of them are caught in painful traps and suffer for days before they are killed. Animals raised on fur ranches are no luckier. Since there are no laws to govern how they are treated or killed, millions of animals are raised in tiny, unsanitary cages with no veterinary care. These animals are then killed by such inhumane practices as bludgeoning, strangulation, gassing or genital electrocution. Please shop compassionately. Choose fur-free fashions."

Learn more about Fur-Free Campaign from the leaflet below or at (For easy reading, please double click on the scanned leaflet below.)

Some photos (as below) were taken in front of Neiman Marcus outlet at the downtown of San Francisco. WHY was the booth set-up in front of Neiman Marcus? This is to educate and remind the public NOT to purchase fur clothing from Neiman Marcus. Moreover, the latest news of Neiman Marcus promotes Manolo Blahnik Boots as Ocelot Fur (an endangered species) can be found at

I took a lot of courage to look at the act of brutality from the photographs. I am strongly NOT recommending the pregnant women to view these pictures .....

Please spread among your friends and colleagues... "We Choose NOT to wear fur or fur trim."


Anonymous said...

Loving animals, means loving wild live animals also! got it?

Anonymous said...

well yes of course, anyone claiming to love animals, but only loving their pets, is really not an animal lover. I don't understand if they actual understand this?

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