Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At last, it is confirmed. We will be leaving to San Francisco on 6 November 2009. I have to start doing some arrangement and packing our belongings as we will be moving out from the rented home a week earlier so that we can meet our families and friends in Malaysia.

It is a mixed feeling of happiness and worried for me. I am accompanied my hubby for his work in San Francisco. However, it would be tough for me. I will be there without a job at all. Many locals are unemployed as the economy in the States is not doing well. What should I do there? Will I stay at home as a full-time home maker or doing some part-time charitable work? It is kinda sad for me - unable to pamper myself with my hard earned money anymore :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marina Barrage - Singapore's first reservoir

We went to Marina Barrage in order to learn about Singapore's first reservoir in the city. Its function is to provide water supply and serve as flood control in Singapore. Apart from being educated about recycling and the Government's effort to sustain the environmental awareness amongst the public, there are various recreational activities to enjoy such as water sports, playing with kites or organizing picnics on the green roof of Marina Barrage.

Marina Barrage is located nearby Marina Bay. The concept behind architecture represents "9" which means longevity.
Picture extracted from http://www.asiaisgreen.com/

(Note: Double click the collage in order to view images in the actual size.)
Next, there are two videos demonstrating how the barrage model works in two different scenarios when the rain falls heavily:
a) Scenario 1 - When the water level in reservoir is higher than the sea level, the caskets will be opened so that the water in reservoir will be released into the sea.

b) Scenario 2 - When the water level in the reservoir and sea level are high, the excess storm water will be stored temporaily in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random photos with Canon 500D

We were busy for the past weeks as William's family and his friends were here for holidays. Singapore Flyer has become the new attraction for tourists to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. As more of our friends are coming over for holidays, we decide to buy annual ticket passes for an unlimited ride on Singapore Flyer. It is cheaper to have the annual pass if you are going for more than 3 times ride. The normal ticket costs at S$29.50 per person but with the individual annual pass, a person has to fork out about S$69.00 only.

Here are some nice shots taken on the bright and sunny day. Hopefully, I will share the pictures of night scene soon.

Preparation for F1 circuit

Marina Barrage and the busy port area

F1 pit stop

The project development of Marina Bay

Parking lots nearby Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands Resort & Casino is under construction

You can see Esplanade and The Float at Marina Bay on your right

Fine dining area at Level 1

Each capsule can accommodate up to 28 people.

The 3D model - Marina Bay project

At the East Coast Park (near Changi Airport)

Feeling breezy and relaxing here... you can jog, ride on a bicycle or having picnic near the beach for free.