Saturday, December 26, 2009

Purchasing a vehicle (useful tips for foreign expat)

Buying a vehicle can be very tedious task for you and your family. It took three weeks (from researching to purchasing) before getting a car. Purchasing a vehicle is totally different culture for us here. As I said before, we are NOT allowed to bargain in the States. The car pricing is fixed by the dealers. Every shop dealer offers different car pricing. You have to call and get the quotations from all the dealers in your neighbourhood before finalising the model and dealer you want. Bear in mind, the car insurance package is not included in the car pricing. You need to search and purchase the car insurance from the insurance companies. Again, there are many insurance companies in the market hence you need to compare the quotations before making your final decision.

Purchasing a vehicle in the States is similarly buying your vegetable in the supermarket. The new and used vehicles are available in the showrooms. All you have to do is to search for your favourite car, make downpayment and pick up the car once all the payment have been finalized. If you are a new resident in California without the history of Credit Score, it would be difficult for you to apply for bank loan. Thus, you need to purchase the car with full payment in cash.

Apart from that, all the drivers must be insurred when they are driving on the roads. This is the main criteria ruling from California Department of Motoring. Thus, you need to include all of your family members (who have California driving licenses) in the car insurance. If the driver is being caught without being insurred while driving, the driver and the car owner will face heavy penality which is losing their privilege. Their driving licenses will be revoked.

Hope this will help you...

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