Monday, January 25, 2010

The Farmers' Market in Mountain View

I learned about the Farmers' Market from a travelogue series when I was in Singapore a few months ago. It was hosted by Fiona Xue who travelled and recommended some Singapore's restaurants in San Francisco. I fell in love and wanted to visit the Farmers' Market when I moved to California. Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to visit the Farmers' Market since it was located at San Francisco. It was very far from my home in Sunnyvale since we had to drive for an hour to get there.

A month ago, a friend suggested to us to visit the Farmers' Market in Sunnyvale. However, we were extremely busy for the last two months and we had a lot of personal stuff to settle such as finding an apartment, buying furniture, getting a car, registering for social security, applying for driver's licenses, etc. Since everything has been settled now, we have some free time to drive and get to know the places around the neighbourhood on weekends.

After my thorough research on the Internet, we decided to visit the Farmers' Market in Mountain View last Sunday. It starts at 9am and ends at 1pm on Sundays. The Market is located beside the Castro Caltrain station in Mountain View. Although we arrived there at 10:00am, we managed to find some ample parking next to the Market. We could see a crowd of people at the market from the parking area.

I loved the crowd and atmosphere at the Market. It had the similar ambience to the morning/night markets that I had been in, in Malaysia. I noticed that most of the stalls were selling vegetable at the Farmers' Market. There were some stalls selling flowers, fruits, fish, eggs, sausages, Chinese dim sum and baked goods.

In terms of pricing, it was more comparative to supermarkets. The vegetable was fresher and cheaper by a few cents compared to supermarkets. Besides that, we could find different kinds of vegetables offered at the Farmers' Market. It made my life easier to get everything, from the Western and Chinese vegetables such as celery and kai lan, here. Previously, we had to drive to Lucky's/Safeway and Chinese supermarkets for their promotional pricing. It wasted our time and fuel to these supermarkets in order to get the combination of Western and Chinese vegetables.

Now, the Farmers' Market becomes my favourite produce shopping area. I will go to the Farmers' Market this Sunday for my weekend shopping again.