Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Baylands (Open Park) at Palo Alto

When you are in California, you do not have the urge to shop a lot because there are not many shopping malls around, unlike in asian countries. We were frustrated at the beginning because we didn't know how to spend our weekends without using a lot of money. When we were in Malaysia and Singapore, we spent half of the day at a shopping mall every weekend. "Shopping" became my hobby as I enjoyed observing other shoppers and looking at latest fashions without buying at all.

In California, the locals spend their weekends with outdoor activities during sunny days. The outdoor activities vary from jogging, cycling, hiking, kayaking, etc., at parks. We are becoming accustomed to the culture and weather here. When it is sunny, we want to stay outside of the house for a longer time. We really miss sunshine a lot :)

Last Sunday, it was a beautiful day. It was sunny but also windy too. We brought Baby and Max for walking at The Baylands at Palo Alto. The Baylands is an open space for recreation and wildlife habitat preservation. It is beautifully maintained and managed by the City of Palo Alto.

I had never seen so many colourful ducks on the lake.

Baby was tired after walking at this park for more than an hour.

She requested her daddy to carry her home.

We didn't realise we had taken a long walk for more than an hour at this park. I guessed, it was because of the weather. We felt some warmth and cold at the same time.