Monday, April 12, 2010

A Wonderful Birthday week

I always look forward to my birthday each year. It is not because of my important day but I also celebrate the same birthday with my favorite well-known celebrity.

Yes, he is Jackie Chan. We share the same day and month of our birthdays but of course, we are not born in the same year. LOL... :D

During my birthday week, I became lazy and restless. I didn't participate in my volunteer jobs but lounged around the house with my dogs. When I was in Malaysia, I had colleagues and close friends who celebrated my birthday. However, I miss this kind of warmth and affection among the locals in California. I believe it is because of the cultural differences between westeners and asians.

Anyway, I didn't do much during my birthday week. I spent most of my time, watching my favorite Japanese and Chinese series as well as reading Manga comic books. I became addicted to Manga, not because of the story plots but I liked the drawing which allowed me to imagine as I read the characters. I was very impressed with the talented Manga writers. They could connect the realistic story and emotions to readers with pictures only.

Apart from that, I wasn't in my mood for baking my birthday cake. Thus, I decided to make some simple food which is also my favorite treat on my big day.

I had pancake with kiwi and coffee for my breakfast.

I had flan custard with caramel sauce for my dessert.

This was a simple dessert from Jell-O yet, it was tasty too.

I had lemon gelatin with mango for my dessert.

This is another simple dessert from Jell-O too.

Once again, I wish myself a Happy Belated Birthday ^_^

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