Sunday, May 16, 2010

California will suffer severe budget cuts

Last Friday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed the revised budget in California. He said: "California no longer has low-hanging fruits. We don't have any medium-hanging fruits, and we also don't have any high-hanging fruits. We have to take the ladder from the tree and shake the whole tree." This is a meaningful phrase when we relate it to business and finance.

For details, you can read the news from the link below:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food Inc. - How much do you know your food source?

It is disturbing to me after watching the documentary entitled Food Inc. The documentary was compiled to create some awareness among the publics about the source of our daily food. We used to perceive that the industry of crops and poultry were managed in healthy ways. Unfortunately, they are not appeared as they are. In order to make more profits and meet the demands from the residents in the United States, the companies become greedy in producing the food within the short term without thinking the consequences.

(update) Unfortunately, the full version of Food Inc. documentary have been removed from youtube due to copyright issue.Thus, I am only be able to share the trailer of this documentary to give you some insights of the current food production which is produced faster than the traditional methods in order to accommodate the demand of food supply. However, adopting highly technology in order to produce food faster will cause more harm to our health at later stage.

We should appreciate the hard work and efforts by the production crews since they did thorough research so that we will realise what kinds of food we are eating currently.

Even though this documentary is produced in the United States, we should realise that there are many greedy businessmen who want to make big money and monopolize the industries without thinking people's health out there.

What can we do now? My advise is, "Take more balance and healthy meals and do support our small food operators and local farmers so that we can have more quality food produced.