Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disney Princess

Have you ever met the real beauty who resembles the characteristics as a Princess? Well, I did. I managed to take pictures with the real beauties who posed and talked with sweet voices like the real Princesses :) Seriously, they really look alike from the characters in movies and storybooks. If you don't believe me then, why don't you judge these pictures by yourself...

Cinderella Fairy God Mother Of course, she isn't a princess. She is a Fairy Godmother to Cinderella.

Castle Guard This was a rare chance to take picture with Disney's Castle guard.

Ariel Pricess Ariel Princess

Snow White Snow White: Doesn't she look alike the character in the storybook?

Cinderella Cinderella... I was shocked to see the similarity of Cinderella from the storybook

Cinderella posingShe taught me to pose like her... it was cute :)

Sleeping Beauty Princess
Sleeping Beauty Princess


Beauty and the Beast - Belle Belle from Beauty and The Beast. Don't you agree that she looks the same Belle from the movie?
Now, do you agree that they are really beautiful?

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