Thursday, February 24, 2011

"No Pants Day" by Reebok in Taiwan

Adopting the similar strategy from "No Pants Subway Ride" by Improv Everywhere in New York, Chicago, Sydney and Tokyo in 2010, a sporting brand, Reebok chooses to launch a shout out for its branding at Taiwan subway, recently.

Here are the news:-

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Snowflakes in San Francisco

That's true. According to the weather forecast, the bay area of California will be experiencing some snowflakes by tomorrow since after 35 years ago...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV's best commercial: Volkswagen, The Force

Super Bowl is part of the America's main celebration besides the Independence Day on July 4th. On the day of Super Bowl, the Americans will be staying at home and watching the live sports with their friends and families. There are some crazy fans who are willing to spend their money for the tickets to the stadium. Well, the ticket isn't cheap at all.. So far, I heard it costs about US$500 per ticket but I don't think it is a VIP seat. For those who can't get the tickets into the stadium, they are willing to purchase US$200 per ticket, just standing outside the stadium and join the crowds. On top of that, some retailers or parking companies charge the parking lots at ridiculous prices ranges between US$55 to US$990.

Since the Super Bowl generates the highest audience's ratings among all the US shows, the cost of the TV commercial also increases each year as well. In 2011, the rate for 30sec commercial has shot up to US$300 million per spot to be appeared during Super Bowl.

Among all the commercials appeared in Super Bowl XLV, I like Volkswagen, The Force... it is the most unique with the appearance of Little Darth Vader :)

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