Friday, April 8, 2011

Will the US Goverment shutdown?

For the past 45 days, the Congress can't compromise on the federal budget hence, there is a possibility that the US Government might be calling for the shutdown starting on this weekend if they can't resolve it by this Friday. Nobody knows how long this shutdown will take. The last Government shutdown was occured during Clinton's time which lasted for 3 weeks. If this shutdown really happens during the economy recession, the federal workers might not get paid. On top of that, all the national parks, museums and attraction sites (which belong to the Federal), would be closed as well. Those who have purchased the tickets, might not get refund at all.

I wonder how does this Government shutdown will affect the tourism industry, world's economy and the currency trading... I hope that both parties would be able to settle the budget dispute, for the sake of the people.

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