Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crotchless Pants in China

My friends told me once about the ugly culture in China such as the spiting and dirty bathrooms without toilet papers and shortage of water. However, I didn't expect to see crotchless pants among babies, toddlers and children in China on the streets. This was a culture shock to me when I visited Tian An Men Square on my 2nd day of arrival in Beijing.

Crotchless pants among babies, toddlers and children in China

Most of babies and young children wear crotchless pants where you can see their private parts and bums openly. The parents will spread their children's legs widely and easily with the crotchless pants when the children need to defecate on the streets, in the restaurants, public transportation etc. Diapers has been introduced to China more than a decade ago but still, many parents find that crotchless pants is more cost effective than using diapers. Diapers is considered as a premium product which majority of parents can't afford to invest from their income earning. Higher living expenses and pricey rental property have become main issues to the locals in trying to combat to survive with their low incomes. A fresh graduate with degree qualification earns between RMB2,000 - RMB3,000 per month (US$333 - US$500 per month) who can barely survive with the rental of one room in the city which costs at least RMB2,500 per month (US$417 per month) while the rental of apartment with one bedroom already costs at least RMB12,000 per month (US$2,000 per month).

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