Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plastic Surgery Beauty Culture in South Korea and Asia

I used to perceive that Korean people are fortunate to have big eyes. This is because I find all the Korean pop stars and celebrities have beautiful features including their eyes. However, I begin to see the reality as I get to know and understand from my Korean friend. The Korean people have the typical facial features of Chinese people, including the small eyes but as they grow up, they become more obsess to be thin, sexy and have beautiful or charming looks. It becomes everyone's culture in Korea to undergo plastic surgery while in college or before landing into career life. The common procedure that they normally do for the plastic surgeries are to make their eyes bigger with double eye lids, to sharpen their chin, to make their noses thinner and sharper as well as to restructure their face shape into more feminine.

In the Korean culture, it is mandatory to have beautiful looks because the society believe that they can become more confidence and land into better positions in their career life. The plastic surgery industry is so popular and booming among the locals and tourists where, you can find many of the plastic surgery clinics are located at Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

p.s.: Don't be surprised that many Korean pop stars and celebrities have undergo plastic surgeries in order to become more fame. There are even normal Asian females from Taiwan, Japan, China and Singapore are also undergo plastic surgeries these days in order to be prettier and sexier. I remembered, reading a news in Singapore where the office female workers can have their breasts enhancement by using breast filler within an hour during their lunch break.

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