Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Porsche Taxi in Bangkok, Thailand

People love Thailand for its food which ranges from combination of spicy curries of hot, sour and sweet to fresh fruits. It's like a heaven to me when I traveled in Thailand because I could easily find any cheap food, along the streets. On top of that, Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches which some of them are rated as the best beaches in the world.

For me, the most memorable trip would be taking ride on Toyota Camry taxi/cab around Bangkok, Thailand. The taxi fare is quite reasonable and you can enjoy on a new and comfortable Toyota Camry which you hardly find this kind of taxi/cab in Asia region :) Believe me, all the taxis/cabs in Thailand are Toyota Camry. It's not a joke. Also, don't forget to try riding on tuk tuk which is the most popular and fastest public transportation among the locals because Bangkok is popular for its traffic jam all the time.

If there is a Porsche Taxi in Thailand, will you willing to try out?

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