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Ancient Chinese Time Traveler with iPhone begs in China

Even though China shows a tremendous growth in their economy but the living standard doesn't look as luxurious as we thought. The wealthy gap between the rich and the poor is extremely huge thus, leaving the income earners from the average and below barely to survive with their families in the cities. The recent reported high inflation rate in China has reached to 6.5 percent in July 2011 hence, many food prices has increased further from 14.4 percent (in June 2011) to 14.8 percent just within a month only.

According to the recent Yahoo! Finance news dated 9th August 2011, the price of pork, China's staple meat, rose 56.7 percent in July over a year earlier, the National Bureau of Statistics reported. Eggs rose 19.7 percent and fresh vegetables were up 7.6 percent. Although the Chinese government tried to implement five interest rate hikes since October 2010 in order to reduce the inflation rate but still, the inflation rate keeps climbing steadily until now.

The property market keeps rising in China and it has become the wealthy people's game and possession. An average of home property cost has increased to US$6,000 per sq. m. in Beijing while the average of home property cost has increased to US$4,000 per sq. m in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. As a result, these locals can't afford to buy but to rent the properties. There are even locals/families opt to migrate to smaller cities than staying in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou due to the over rising costs of rental properties each year.

When the living standard is getting too expensive to survive in China, they find ways to earn fast money such as selling fake products, begging on the streets etc. In the recent news, there is a time traveling young lady who pretended to be from the ancient years, begged for money at Shanghai Metro subway station so that she could return to her past. Unfortunately, she was caught, to have an iPhone mobile.

Ancient Time Traveler Begging for Money in Shanghai Metro

Ancient Woman Begging for Money in Shanghai Metro

Translation of the hand-written (mostly) traditional Chinese sign on the ground:

I am from the Qingyuan village and have unwittingly time traveled here. I have nothing upon me and am begging for traveling expenses to return home, a debt I will repay in the days ahead [future].

(wait for 5 seconds after press the play button)

Translated transcript of dialogue:

MAN: Um, miss, what are you doing?
WOMAN BEGGAR: Begging for money to go home.
MAN: Your home is Qingyuan village?
WOMAN BEGGAR: That’s right.
MAN: Qingyuan village… where is that?
WOMAN BEGGAR: It’s from five hundred years ago.
MAN: From five hundred years ago? In that case, if I donate some money to your cause, how will you be able to give it back to me?
WOMAN BEGGAR: With noble sir’s kindness, I should [repay you] by being betrothed to you, but I am so homesick! But when the day comes in the future, this humble girl will definitely repay your noble sir’s kindness.
MAN:Noble sir’s kindness…heh, no need [to repay]. But if at that time you were to run away [disappear, renege on her promise], how would I find you?
WOMAN BEGGAR: This is a token/pledge. [she hands him a "Certificate of Life-long Full Financial Support", a fake document identifying a kept mistress, a woman who is financially supported by a man.]
MAN: So with this…this…this lousy card? But even with this lousy card I still can’t get a hold of you.
WOMAN BEGGAR: That’s not a problem, wait a second…oh, here it is. [Pulls out a mobile smartphone] What’s your phone number?
MAN:  Al….right.

(Extracted the translated transcripts from Stomp dated 29th July 2011)

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