Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Transformation of Chinese Eye Makeup

Diamond Night Club Show is a very popular Taiwanese variety show where the host invites the typical young street girls to the shows in order to reveal themselves before and after their makeup. They also share their secrets and makeup techniques. Most of Chinese girls are born with small eyes thus, they go to the extension of applying heavy eyes makeup, applying circle lens and applying 2-3 layers of fake eye lashes in order to enlarge their eyes.

Like people said, our eyes represent our windows of our beauty because our eyes is the first feature that other people look into yourself.

Before and After makeup (picture: ChinaSMACK)

Watch this video (with English subtitle) in order to believe the miracle of makeup.

This video (without English subtitles) but I guess, you are able to understand the transformation of makeup.

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Those lashes look absolutely incredible, together with your eyeshadow, they really make your eyes POP!Mink Eyelashes

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