Thursday, August 4, 2011

Understand Economic Crisis from Inside Job

Have you ever wondered why the economic crisis takes longer time to recover? Now, we worry that we might be heading to another recession after the US government announces the recent budget cut of $2 trillion for the next 10 years. More people fear of losing jobs and begin to tighten their spending during this weakening economic period. In order to understand how did the economic crisis begin and affect the nation when Lehman Brothers went bankruptcy then, you should watch this documentary, Inside Job, which take you through the adoption of sub prime mortgage by bank institutions.

From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson ("No End In Sight"), comes INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia. Narrated by Academy Award® winner Matt Damon, INSIDE JOB was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China. (source: Sony Pictures)

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