Friday, October 28, 2011

Birth Tourism in the U.S.

I found this interesting news from MSNBC on 27th October 2011. Many wealthy Chinese pregnant mothers fly to the U.S. like California and New York a few months before their dues, just to give birth to their newborn child and get the U.S. citizenship automatically before flying back to China. Many of these wealthy Chinese families do not have the intention to live in the U.S. after their children born. "The hefty price where a  wealthy mother could spend at least US$30,000 for every newborn child in the U.S. (which includes lodging, air tickets and medical bills) is worth it, according to these women, because it paves the way for easy access to American public schools, universities and jobs as the children get older and green cards for the whole family once the child turns 21," according to

This becomes very curious to me. How can a pregnant women, who is going to due a few months away, is able to be access into another country easily? Don't the U.S. immigration authorities smell it fishy? According to the news reported, a wealthy women is charged for US$30,000 to deliver a baby in the U.S. That figure seems to be under reported (which means, it could not be the actual fee being charged to the client). If a pregnant mother wants to deliver a baby in the U.S., she has to get into the U.S. about  3-4 months early before the delivery date. Otherwise, it's impossible for her to get on the airplane without the authorisation letter from the gynae doctor. Besides that, Chinese mother has to undergo for 1 month of confinement after the delivery based on the Chinese custom. Therefore, a confinement lady will be hired to take care of the new mother's health and also taking care of the newborn baby during the 1st month after the delivery. This means that, the Chinese mother will normally fly back to China with the newborn baby on the 2nd month after the delivery. Apart from that, this agency, who helps to the Chinese mothers to deliver babies in the U.S., also helps them to apply for the babies' U.S. citizenship and other necessary documents before they are leaving to China. I predict, the fee should come to around US$50,000 instead of US$30,000

China doesn't practice dual citizenship. If the baby gets the U.S.citizenship because she/he born in the U.S., how does this child going to get a China citizenship. It's impossible to live in China for more than 1 month or 1 year without visa, if the child does not have a China citizenship. That doesn't make sense to me. How does this wealthy parents going to hide from the Chinese authority? The parents have the China citizenship while the child has the U.S.citizenship. If the child doesn't have the China citizenship, she/he doesn't have hukou (residency permit) to attend public schools and stay permanently in China for his/her career. Also, these wealthy Chinese parents don't realise about the Double Taxation for the American citizens especially when the child holds the American citizenship. It's going to make the child to be more difficult in his/her life when she/he grows up. In today's world, it's called talents globalisation where many professionals settle and work in foreign countries instead at their home countries due to jobs demand and benefits offered. If this child works in overseas (foreign countries) but holds the U.S. citizenship, she/he has to declare all of his/her income earnings, assets and banks accounts in overseas countries and the U.S. for the income taxes. The child has to contribute the income tax in foreign countries (where she/he works) as well as to the U.S. (because of the citizenship).

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