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Photos: 2nd month of Occupy in London and the U.S.

Occupy Movement worldwide has entered into the second month as on November 8, 2011. Occupy Wall Street protest was started on September 17, 2011 and began to gain media and worldwide attention. By October 9, 2011 Occupy protests had taken place in over 95 cities across 82 countries and over 600 communities in the United States.

Status of Occupy Movement as on November 9, 2011 (http://www.guardian.co.uk)

According to the news report by Aljazeera English, a mass rally took place on November 5, the 407th anniversary of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament - a plot led by Catholic religious extremists intended to strike back against lawmakers who were endorsing the persecution of their religious minority - attracted thousands of protesters.

(Updated) Based on today's news, Bloomberg on November 9, 2011, U.K. students protest in London's city against the education budget cut and rising tuition fees.

Students take part in a demonstration against higher tuition fees and privatisation in universities 
on November 9, 2011 in London. (source: Bloomberg) (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

On the other side, Huffingtonpost reported that hundreds of people marched through Los Angeles's financial district on November 5, 2011 to take part in "Bank Transfer Day." Bank Transfer Day was started by Kristen Christian, a 27-year-old gallery owner from Los Angeles. She had sparked a national conversation when she posted this on her personal Facebook profile: "If you don't want to pay the likes of Bank of America $5 a month to access your money via debit card, just transfer your cash to your friendly, local credit union."

The demonstrators from the worldwide voice out their frustration and protest against the corporate greed, leaving hundreds of thousands unemployed, facing homeless and suffer with heavy debts which drive them to become from poor to poorer while the rich gets richer. Now, let's look at some pictures during the protests demonstration in London, UK, California (San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles) and New York on November 5, 2011. 

Occupy in London on November 5, 2011

Hundreds of frustrated Londoners marched in the demonstration against perceived corporate greed at St. Paul, London [Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

More than 200 activists have taken over the churchyard in front of the cathedral, riding on the wave of the Occupy Wall Street protests [Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

Demonstrators protested against the social inequality they believe to be caused by the accumulation of wealth by the very few in London [Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

The protest has been dubbed 'Occupy LSX' - for the London Stock Exchange, housed next to St Paul's Cathedral, London [Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

Protesters swarmed through London's streets, normally packed with tourists visiting luxury brand stores in London [Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

Police blocked Parliament Square to prevent demonstrators from reaching the famed Westminster landmark in London[Mariagrazia Petito Di LeoAl Jazeera]

Occupy in San Francisco, California

Occupy San Francisco 2 Stop Occupation
Occupy San Francisco camping area and it will soon occupying San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. (Photo: Brian Imagawa)

Occupy San Francisco 2 Tree and Ed Lee
Occupy camping area has been occupied since October 2011 (Photo: Brian Imagawa)

Protestors Camp Out In front of Wells Fargo HQ on November 5, 2011 (Photo Kenneth Yeung)

Occupy San Francisco demonstration on the march on November 5, 2011 (Photo Kenneth Yeung)

Occupy San Francisco, California on 5 November 2011 (Photo Kenneth Yeung)

Occupy in Oakland, California becomes very tense since the police fired tear gas at protestors on October 26, 2011

Political activist Angela Davis speaks to protesters assembled in the streets of downtown Oakland during a general strike in the city (Photograph James Fassinger)

Protesters march in downtown Oakland during a general strike called for by the Occupy Oakland movement in California (Photograph James Fassinger)

Protesters block the entrance to the Citibank branch on Broadway during the general strike. They have the telephone no. of the Nat. Lawyers Guild on their arms in case they are arrested (James Fassinger)

 An Occupy Oakland protester smashes a window at a Wells Fargo Bank during a citywide
general strike. By Kimihiro Hoshino, AFP, Getty Images

Protesters march on the port of Oakland, California. (Photograph James Fassinger)

Protestors climb on a truck at the Port of Oakland during Occupy Oakland's general strike.
By Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Sheriff's deputies advance on Occupy Oakland protesters (Photograph Noah Berger AP)

Occupy Oakland protesters on a railway scaffold at the Port of Oakland in California (Photograph Noah Berger AP)

A demonstrator waves a flag as rubbish burns at the Occupy Oakland demonstration in California
(Photograph Stephen Lam Reuters)

Occupy Oakland protesters claim a vacant building during a march (Photograph Noah Berger AP)

Occupy Oakland protesters gather in front of City Hall after taking down a fence surrounding Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in Oakland. (By Kimihiro Hoshino, AFP Getty Images)

Occupy in Los Angeles, California on November 5, 2011

Protestors marched along Los Angeles downtown on Nov 5

An Occupy Los Angeles protester marches through the financial district during a Bank Transfer Day demonstration.
(By Rogyn Beck, AFP Getty Images)

Banks Transfer Day in LA on Nov 5, 2011

Protest in front of Bank of America, LA on November 5, 2011

(Pictures Source: Huffingtonpost)

Occupy in Wall Street, New York in the month of November 2011

Military veterans stand in formation outside the New York Stock Exchange during a march from the
Vietnam Memorial to Zuccotti Park.  By Robert Deutsch, USA Today

OCCUPY-WALL-STREET-WINTER-WEATHER-camping. The protestors resist to leave the 
camping area even though it's snowing in New York.

Police officers on horseback stand guard on Wall Street. (By Don Emmert AFP Getty Images)

 A protester from Occupy Wall Street Movement stands in Zuccotti Park 
in New York City. By Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march up Broadway, New York. The protesters were on 
their way to the offices of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. By Don Emmert, AFP Getty Images

An Occupy Wall Street protester holds up an American flag with corporate logos replacing 
the stars on Broadway in New York City. By Don Emmert, AFP Getty Images

Musicians Graham Nash, center, and David Crosby perform for demonstrators from Occupy Wall Street 
in Zuccotti Park in New York City.  By Timothy A. Clary, AFP Getty Images

(Pictures Source: USA Today)

Occupy in other states of the U.S. (in the month of November 2011)

A police officer watches members of Occupy Atlanta during a protest on the sidewalk 
outside Woodruff Park in Atlanta. By Erik S. Lesser, AP

Amy Barnes protests with Occupy Atlanta as police move in to clear the street of demonstrators. By David Goldman, AP

Demonstrators with the Occupy Tulsa group protest outside Centennial Green as police enforced 
a park curfew downtown. By Jeff Lautenberger, The Tulsa World via AP

Occupy Atlanta demonstrators, left, attempt to save a fellow protester from arrest as police clear 
a downtown street. By David Goldman, AP

Police officers form a perimeter around Centennial Green in downtown Tulsa. 
By Jeff Lautenberger, The Tulsa World, via AP

Occupy Portland protesters camp out at Terry Schrunk Plaza in downtown Portland, Ore. Several protesters chained themselves to a 50-gallon drum filled with rocks and concrete  By Rick Bowmer, AP

(Pictures Source: USA Today)

Occupy in Chicago on November 7, 2011 by Alan Caruba

According to the latest news, USA Today, Occupy Wall Street is going on the road — a two-week walk from New York to Washington. A small group of activists plans to leave Manhattan's Zuccotti Park at noon Wednesday and arrive by the November 23, 2011 deadline for a congressional committee to decide whether to keep President Barack Obama's extension of Bush-era tax cuts. Protesters say the cuts benefit only rich Americans.

Now, we have to wait and observe as how long this occupy protest will last. Will the U.S. government make amendments to the needs and demands from the people? If the occupy demonstration keeps going on by occupying the parks and marching at the downtown of San Francisco, New York, Portland, Chicago or other parts of the world, it will leave ugly impression and chase the people and tourists away from traveling to the cities and countries. As such, I believe many businesses which rely on tourism and international trade, will be affected badly and crimes like, looting and vandalism, will be rising too due to this occupy protest. 

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