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U.S. School Bullies vs Asia Strict Discipline

In Asia, children do not have luxury childhood lives, like the western children. All Asian children are undergone through strict discipline and pressure from their parents since they begin their elementary (primary) schools. Their main objective is to study hard and attend extra classes (tuition) in order to get good grades in schools. On top of that, Asian children also utilise their free time in learning new skills such as ballet and music instruments in order to push themselves and stay competitive among their friends. It might sound harsh and torture to the children but it is the way how the Asian parents express their love and affection by giving their best and everything for their children's education. I believe children should be exposed with some pressure within their limits so that they would strive to work harder in order to achieve the goals they want. I believe, children will learn and cope the pressure and workload as they will understand that nothing comes easily in their lives if they want to achieve the best in anything.

I grow up from Asian background, education and culture. I always admire the confidence within the American children in their presentation and public speaking. Asian children excel in academics but we lack of confidence in expressing our ideas and opinions. However, I don't understand since when bullying has become the main issue in American schools. Bullying doesn't happen in a particular school but it is spreading throughout the America. Some bullying cases begin from elementary (primary) schools and it continues until they graduate from high (secondary) schools. Bullying might not sound serious to you but once, you have seen this documentary trailer, The Project Bully (as below), which will be screening on 30th March, 2012, you will be very surprised that this is not a normal teasing among friends but it's more violent, similarly to physical and mental torture. This is also another reason, why many young teenagers drop out before finishing their high (secondary) schools. Majority of them drop out from schools or commit suicide because they are afraid of being bullied in schools, while there is a huge percentage of children take revenge by killing their friends with guns. An unofficial source estimated that between 60%-70% American children manage to graduate from high schools annually in a developed country, like the USA. Unfortunately, we can't find the official report on the actual figures of the total American children graduated from high schools in 2010 & 2011.

Please visit this official site of The Project Bully to sign the pledge, "To Stop Bullying in Schools" We should stop bullying in schools and create the place where it's fun to learn and cherish the wonderful time with friends.

Tough love: An education in Asia

Is 'Tiger parenting' the key to Asian academic success and what happens when the pressure becomes too much?
Last Modified: 11 Oct 2011 13:26  Source: Aljazeera English 101 East

Asia is renowned for producing some of the best and brightest students in the world. Such academic achievement is often underpinned by parental pressure, strict discipline and relentless hard study.
In Hong Kong, the demand for extra tuition has turned cram or tutorial school teachers into rich celebrities.
Yet some students have been driven to contemplate suicide as they try to make the grade.

101 East asks: What is the secret behind Asian students' academic success and what happens when the pressure becomes too much?

Bullied to Death in America's Schools

By JIM DUBREUIL and EAMON MCNIFF Oct. 15, 2010 Source: ABC

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Fat. Gay. Or just different from the crowd. These are the reasons children are being bullied -- sometimes to death -- in America's schools, with at least 14 students committing suicide in the past year alone.

Intensified by the inescapable reach of the Internet, bullying has spun out of control. It allegedly triggered the suicides of Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi and Massachusetts high school student Phoebe Prince, two stories that rocketed the bullying epidemic into the national spotlight. An epidemic that causes 160,000 children a day to stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

ABC News' "20/20" anchor and Chief Law and Justice Correspondent Chris Cuomo spoke with some of the shattered families who are trying to figure out why more wasn't done to save their children and asked experts how to stop this unsettling trend.


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