Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Protruding Legs from Suitcase in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is ruled under the principle of ONE country with TWO systems which is different political system from mainland China. Since Hong Kong is situated close to China, majority of the Mainland Chinese residents travel to Hong Kong frequently to shop for large quantities of baby milk powder, Chinese herbs, medicine, fashionable and branded goods. 

Since after melamine-tainted milk powder scandal in 2008, the Mainland Chinese parents don't trust the standard of food safety and regulations in China anymore thus, many of these Chinese parents travel to Hong Kong to purchase baby milk powder. Moreover, the imported products including branded goods, from the Western countries to China are extremely more expensive than other countries including Hong Kong. It's all because of high import tax imposed by the Government in China. As such, many of the Mainland Chinese take the opportunities to shop for branded goods when they travel to Hong Kong and overseas countries.

Whenever the Mainland Chinese travel to Hong Kong, they will bring their empty suitcase along and utilize the whole day trip, just for shopping only.

In this video, a couple of Mainland China was spotted pulling the suitcase with a pair of protrudent legs. At one glance, people would thought, it's a dead body in the suitcase but in fact, their child was too tired and sleepy thus, the parents transformed from a typical suitcase into a "baby stroller" which was also used to keep all their purchasing products as well. What's a brilliant idea...

*** There are no translation and subtitles available in this video. But, I believe you can understand the visual aid. ***

(Source: www.appledaily.com.hk, Hong Kong)

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