Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini iFan in iPhone & iPod Cases

What will you do when you feel very hot and sweaty while walking on the streets or having picnic at the park or on the beach? Surprisingly, there are unique and small yet fashionable fans which is so convenient and handy for you to carry around as you will frequently use them for outdoor activities. These mini fans are so trendy that you can't resist to get, such as the fashionable mini fans in iPhone cases or iPod cases and bladeless fans smiliar to Dyson bladeless fan product. These mini fans are available in China, Hong Kong and other parts in Asia region. 

Please watch the short video clip at the end of this post, for mini fan in iPhone case.

iFan in iPod casing
iFan in iPod case

Mini fashionable bladeless fan similar to Dyson product
Mini bladeless fan similar to Dyson product

Mini fan in battery operated, which I used 5 years ago

*** There are no translation and subtitles available in this video. But, I believe you can understand the visual aid. ***

(Source:, Hong Kong)

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