Friday, August 24, 2012

Luxury Car in Condo Elevators in Singapore

Like many people said, "When you are wealthy, you can do anything you want with your money..." This is a classic example of how the affluent society enjoy their lifestyles, not spending into luxury items only but also, enjoy the priviledge to park their expensive sports cars such as Lamborghini, next to their living rooms in the high class condominium in Singapore. 

Singapore is known as "The Little Red Dot" island in South East Asia region, which is separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its North and from Riau Islands in Indonesia by the Singapore Strait to its South. As such, Singapore has limited land to expand, similar issue faced by Hong Kong. Thus, majority of the people live in the condominiums, apartments or the government's subsidized apartment called HDB flats. 

Luxury car-in-condo apartment at Scotts Road 

Yahoo! Newsroom – 25 August 2012  Source: Yahoo! Singapore News 

New luxury hi-rise condo, Hamilton Scotts, allows you to park your supercar right next to your living room.




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