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Japanese girls wear Face Panties Fashion

This is really unbelievable... Latest trend of face panties by Japanese girls which is adopted from Japanese Superhero anime called Hentai Kamen


Japanese girls wear panties on their faces in new fashion trend

By JohnThomas Didymus
Feb 16, 2013 in Odd News   Source: Digital Journal
By JohnThomas Didymus.
From Japan, the nation that created "bagel heads" and "yaeba teeth," comes the new fashion trend heralded by images of schoolgirls wearing panties on their faces that first appeared on the popular otaku website Akiba Blog. 
BuzzFeed reports there is a chicken-or-egg debate ongoing about which came first or which inspired the other: Hentai Kamen, an eccentric superhero described as a "homoerotic parody of a Power Ranger" who wears panties on his head like Spider Man, while fighting urban crime, or the trend of school girls wearing panties on their faces? 

According to Kotaku: Hentai Kamen is a parody manga... a parody [it seems] of the various schoolgirl fetishizing that's found in places like Akihabara. Just look at how silly, subversive and over the top the whole thing is, with panties on display, instead of offering leering peeksBut regardless of how the chicken-or-egg panty riddle resolves, it is official, the cool trend in Japan is "Kaopan" or "face panties." Photos showing girls in school uniforms with panties over their faces, doing ordinary daily activities are the rave in Japan. 

Japan: Face panties trend
Akiba Blog
Japan: Face panties trend
The prevalence of schoolgirl fetish in Japanese popular culture with girls undies and related effects being lavished special salacious attention in niche publications is widely recognized. But girls wearing panties on their faces would appear an offshoot that takes the teen fetishizing obsession to new heights. As Kotaku notes, even many into the schoolgirl fetish culture are nonplussed at this new trend. Kotaku writes: If you think this is odd, well, there are loads of people in Japan that do, too.

That's why, in Japan, the reaction on Twitter has largely been bewilderment. Akiba Blog has chronicled some of the responses, which range from "There's a masked panty genre?" and "I thought those where bandages" to "I really worry about this country" and, of course, "The fuck?"MSN Now observes Japanese parents may have been alerted to the new trend when they first noticed during shopping that their daughters were taking greater care choosing their panties design because panties are no more underwear but face gear! Greetings to Hentai Kamen: "Panties bless you!"


Latest Japanese Fashion Trend: Girls Wearing Panties On Their Faces

Posted: February 16, 2013  Source: The Inquisitr
Latest Japanese Fashion Trend: Girls Wearing Panties On Their Faces
The latest fashion trend sweeping the nation of Japan sees schoolgirls wearing panties on their heads.

MSN reports that young Japanese women have taken to putting panties on their heads, obscuring their faces. While this is fetish-food at its finest, it strikes the rest of us as rather odd. Then again, this is the same nation that gave us “bagel heads,” so in a strange way, becoming a panty-head sort of makes sense, I guess.

Photos are popping up of Japanese schoolgirls donning panty masks while doing mundane activities like laundry and performing karaoke. But what started this trend?

The popular theory shared by Kotaku and BuzzFeed is that an odd and eccentric Japanese superhero “Hentai Kamen” has inspired the trend. Billed as “the abnormal superhero” under salutations such as “panty bless you,” Hentai Kamen is a strange “homo-erotic parody of a Power Ranger” who wears panties on his head to conceal his identity and … nothing else. He’s got a film coming soon, but no one is really sure which came first: Hentai Kamen, or “kaopan” (face panties).

Images of girls wearing panties on their faces first popped up on the popular otaku website Akiba Blog, and let’s just say the response has been mixed so far.

“There’s a masked panty genre?” asked one confused reader. “I thought those where bandages” opined another. But “I really worry about this country” and, “The f***?” seem to be the the most relateable responses.

What do you think of the face panties trend? Oh, and here’s a trailer for Hentai Kamen, which is in Japanese and is NSFW:



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