Monday, November 18, 2013

Fake Kim Jong-Un Seeks "Asylum" in Hong Kong

It becomes a popular viral on the internet, where Howard, a Hong Kong-born Australian musician impersonates the World's First North Korea Dictator of Kim Jong Un while strolling around, posing with his fans and seeking for "asylum" in Hong Kong.

Kim Jong-un impersonator turns heads in Hong Kong

A 35-year-old musician from Hong Kong who is known as Howard has become the world's first professional Kim Jong-un impersonator after a picture of himself posing as the North Korean Leader went viral on Facebook.


Howard, who did not reveal his full name to the press for fear of his own safety, said he has been mocked by his friends for his resemblance to Kim Jong-un since he came in power in 2011. He told the Telegraph that "it is fun to play him because it freaks people out."


Howard said to impersonate Kim Jong-un is easy. "All I need to do is eat and eat and then eat some more." The man has decided to make his Kim Jong-un impersonation his sideline career besides performing in bands and producing music.

The set of pictures of him went viral on China's twitter equivalence Weibo on November 13, 2013 soon after the Telegraph report.

"The key to becoming Kim is to always look unhappy and dissatisfied. It is his trademark," he said. Photo:

"The reaction whenever I step out in the Mao suit, make up and hair slicked back, is always crazy." Photo:

Howard shows his sense of humor as he poses as Kim Jong-un in front of the consulate of the United States. Photo:

"Sometimes I have to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses to try and avoid the attention when going about my everyday business." Howard said. Photo:


World's First Kim Jong-un Impersonator Wows Onlookers In Hong Kong
Published on Nov 13, 2013  Source: Barcroft TV via Youtube 

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