Friday, February 14, 2014

Ttongsul (Korean Poo Wine) Believed to Cure Everything by VICE Japan

More than a year ago, I posted a funny and bizarre story about the virgin boys' urine soaked-eggs which are mainly consumed by Chinese people in Dongyang, China. This is the link of the post if you don't recall it:

Recently, I had seen more bizarre traditional medicated Korean Poo Wine which is also known as "Ttongsul" on VICE documentary channel. To be honest, it's very gross to watch the process of mixing young children's feces and Korean Rice Wine with alcoholic content of around 9% before fermented them for a week and turned into Korean Poo Wine or "Ttongsul" for medicinal drinking consumption. I really salute at this brave Japanese correspondent, Yuka Uchida who traveled to South Korea and investigated the traditional Ttongsul which was believed to be able to cure everything, as according to this traditional Korean medicine specialist, Dr Lee Chang-soo. She also challenged herself to taste the Korean Poo Wine or "Ttongsul."

This is a short documentary about Korean Poo Wine by VICE Japan which published on Youtube channel on August 16, 2013


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