Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shocking Facts: Processed Meat & High Cancer Risks

I remembered, the English Chef, Jamie Oliver said once in one of his healthy food program, when we can't understand the scientific term of the ingredients then, it's definitely not a fresh food. Majority of processed food either they are from fast food chain or prepacked in the packaging which you normally find them in supermarkets, are mostly contained with chemical to prolong the food freshness. 

To live a healthy lifestyle, start your day by preparing your meals such as burgers, nuggets, hotdogs, hams, pizzas, fish balls, meat balls, crab meat, fruits, pasta noodles (including sauces) or any kind of canned food that you normally rely on, from the basic fresh ingredients which are vegetables, meats and fruits.

It is believed that the more we consume processed meat, the higher risk of suffering from cancer diseases.

So, start your healthy lifestyle with healthy and fresh food.

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